By Paul Edgington, Director of Marketing,

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The blazing bridge of pandemonium twenty-twenty has not been crossed yet, but besides all the doom and gloom, many agree this year has also been lined with blessings.

It was Gary Vaynerchuk who said it best when he posted a well-timed Instagram story which read:-

I discovered Bitcoin in 2009 on HackerNews and became quickly fascinated by it through my interests in peer to peer technologies and finance, and started trading Bitcoins in 2010 and implemented my own Bitcoin client not much later to understand the protocol in detail.

Since then, I have been following it for more than ten years through three distinct periods I would call “Ealy stages (2009–2013)”, “Becoming Mainstream (2014–2017)”, and “Altcoin Explosion (2018 -2020)”.

Although the price of Bitcoin and other Cryptos have increased, they did not become as successful as I thought they could.

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The technology behind Bitcoin, Blockchain, is a great innovation but has some significant issues. I’d like to provide my analysis of it. …


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